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aloha! I'm Victoria

 First and foremost, I’m an artist. That innate need to create something beautiful has always been my strongest driving force, even if the medium of expression oscillates between cooking, visual art, and music.


Design has opened up my world and created a space where I feel very profoundly myself. Cooking has given me a stronger, active connection to my roots through the continuation and evolution of generational recipes. Elisabeth Creates specializes in creating elegant, holistic representations of our clients’ needs, wants, and tastes. I love beautiful things and seek to capture their delicacy in everything I do- from locally sourced tasting menus to mindful branding and responsive web design. 

bonus facts

+ skincare enthusiast

+ outdoor adventurer

+ in love with the ocean

+ restaurant explorer

I can't wait to work with you and bring your dreams to life

Love ,

Victoria Elisabeth salter

owner. chef. creative director